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沃尔德园植受邀参加黄河三角洲绿化苗木博览会Wald Company was invited to participate in the Yellow River Delta Greening Seedling Expo


From May 25 to May 26, 2023, Hangzhou Wald Horticulture Plant Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Wald Company) was invited to participate in the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and Forestry Industry High Quality Development Conference and the 10th Yellow River Delta (Binzhou Huimin) Greening Seedling Expo.



The Expo was held in North China Flower and Tree Expo Park, Zaohuli Town, Huimin County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, with an exhibition area of 16000 square meters, 40 special decoration booths and 120 standard booths. There were 160 exhibitors (individuals), of which 108 were from 16 provinces and cities, including of Hubei, Jiangsu, Henan, Gansu, Hebei, Beijing and other areas.



Wald Company went to the exhibition together with the new varieties of Nandina domestica series, Berberis series and Ilex promoted by the parent company Peach Blossom Castle Flower Farm of Zhejiang Xiaojian Group Co., Ltd., which received the enthusiastic attention from many people in the industry. Wald Company won the “ Exhibition Gold Award of this Expo.



During the exhibition, Wald Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Huimin LinXin Garden Company. Wald Company provided constructive advice and guidance to the other company in the fields of new variety research and development, introduction and export, variety right authorization and transfer, new variety application agency and protection, etc. to promote the transformation and upgrading of its seedling industry.


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